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We are looking to buy coins, medals, luxury watches and other collectibles. We are available for free and confidential valuations of your collectibles.

The care, attention and rarity of every single piece we offer for sale at Numismatica Scaligera are indicative of the passion and research we are known for. It is our priority to offer our clients unique and premium quality collectibles. We are especially interested in Italian, Savoy, Venice and foreign coins.

We are available for consulting and support in every step of the sale, starting from the initial valuation until the direct purchase of your collectibles, ensuring competence and confidentiality, two pillars of Numismatica Scaligera.

You are welcome to visit us at our shop in Verona, just contact us via email or at +39 045 4949612 to set up an appointment. We are also present in the Ferrara area, to set up an appointment you can contact us via email or at +39 045 4949612.

Numismatica Scaligera

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NIP - Numismatici Italiani Professionisti

Sigillo professionale NIP n°245


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